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Latest news

ETC-42 is present at ADASS XXIV in Calgary
Added by Christian SURACE 24 days ago

ETC: ETC in the IVOA newsletter
ETC-42 is presented in the IVOA newsletter of may 2014 http://www.ivoa.net/newsletter/012/index.html
Added by Christian SURACE 24 days ago

GLnemo2: glnemo2 1.7.1 released
Added by Jean-charles LAMBERT 4 months ago

GLnemo2: glnemo2 1.7.0 released
Added by Jean-charles LAMBERT 4 months ago

UNSIO: Uns projects
Added by Jean-charles LAMBERT 4 months ago

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Latest projects

  • COMOTEX (01/06/2014 05:21 PM)

    Le projet COMOTEX vise à résoudre le problème d’une commande optimale (Filtre de Kalman) pour les systèmes d’ Optique Adaptative (OA) à très grands nombres de degrés de liberté de la future génération des télescopes extrêmement grands (ELTs) à l’horizon 2020-2025. Il s’agit de faire sauter un verrou numérique et technologique en appliquant au domaine de l’OA des développements initiés en Géophysique avec un algorithme basé sur le Local Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter (Local ETKF)....

  • CAMEL (04/17/2013 04:29 PM)

    Cube Analysis: Moment maps from Emission Lines
    Tool written in IDL.
    Its first goal is to extract kinematic information in data cubes (written for SINFONI and MUSE data) using Gaussian fitting.
    svn: http://svn.lam.fr/repos/cubeanalysis

  • IDLFPReduc (04/11/2013 12:27 AM)

    Fabry-Perot data reduction software written in IDL.
    svn: http://svn.lam.fr/repos/computeeverything

  • FPdisplay (04/11/2013 12:25 AM)

    GUI interface written in IDL that allow to open .fits and .ad2 images and .fits and .ad3 cubes. This allows spectrum visualisation and is adapted to Fabry-Perot data. This is an adhoc-like interface.
    svn: http://svn.lam.fr/repos/fpdata_display

  • FPreducWizard (04/11/2013 12:23 AM)

    This is a GUI interface (written in C++, using Qt libraries) to create a configuration file used in the IDL Fabry-Perot reduction software (computeeverything).
    svn : http://svn.lam.fr/repos/fpreducwizard