The Euclid code integration platform (CODEEN) is hosted by the APC laboratory as a Linux virtual machine.
The needed softwares are installed regularly.
The TIPS prototype for NISP pixel simulations is one of the first codes installed and integrated under this platform.

We create a dedicated branche for the CODEEN integration developments.

svn checkout


Test was written with pyUnit and TIPS was integrated in the CODEEN/Jenkins:

Level 0 : unitary tests

Test every single part of the code (functions, methods ...).
Allow to be sure that every brick of the software is functioning correctly independently of the other parts.

  • test sky
  • test instrument

Level 0.5 : pre-integration tests

  • test axesim

Level 1 : integration tests

Allow testing the small interactions between the different units of the software.

  • test observation

Level 2 : full system tests

Allow testing the software in a global way, by assembling all the bricks that make it.
Not implemented at this stage because to heavy...
The example provide with TIPS could be convert to a level 2 test.

Level 3 : non regression tests

Key tests one keeps during the whole development process.
Not implemented at this stage.

Packaging and deployment