Various Meetings during the Lausanne EC Meeting

Participants: Julien Zoubien, Nicolas Fourmanoit, Martin Kuemmel

Input for the PSF

The instrument team (J. Amiaux) have offered to provide some wavelength dependent NISP PSF's to 95% goodness or similar. They will be trying to deliver ~200 wavelength steps for the central focal plain position in September.
The goal is to use this PSF in the Science Data Challenge 2 Simulations.

Preparations for Science Data Challenge 2

No fundamental new developments in TIPS/aXeSIM are necessary for Science Data Challenge 2. An error in wavelength can be introduced by adding noise to configuration file parameters. To a first order the instrument distortion can be added to the input x/y positions. Including the distortion from the grism does require input from the instrument team, and then can be reflected in the configuration file.

Integrating TIPS into LODEEN/Elements

The goal is to integrate TIPS into Elements/LODEEN untile July '15. Then TIPS will follow the usual directory structure for its python and C/C++ code and tests. The only difference with respect to other Elements packages will be that the compiler is C and NOT C++.

The initial integration into LODEEN/Elements shall be minimal and imply only small changes (if at all) to the C-code.

Once the integration is done, we might merge the various existing live branches such that all are based on Cmake and Elements.

Conversion to C++

The current allowance to keep TIPS in C will expire in 2016. Then there will be new negotiations and possibly the requirement to really migrate to native C++.

In that context, MK will do the necessary code changes such that TIPS/aXeSIM compiles and runs in C++ and LODEEN (#2119). That way a pro-forma C++ transformation would be quickly possibly.

Migration to wcslib

The system team has asked to migrate from wcstools to wcslib to handle the WCS transformations. MK is going to implement this (#2118). To go live does however require the migration to Cmake, since it is not possible to change the current configure script to point to other libraries.

Future Meetings and Telecons

  • the next telecon will be at the end of July, before the vacation period starts;
  • the next F2F meeting will be around September/October 2015, possible together with the Developer Workshop in Geneva;