Good practice for dev

Python indentation

We use only space indentation.


Commit your code

Before any commit, first update your svn to prevent conflicts.

svn up
svn commit -m 'New amazing stuff'

Don't forget the comments...

Keep your branche synchronized

To sync your branche with the trunk, first take care to be in your branche directory.

cd /path/to/the/svn/branches/my_amazing_branche/

Update your code.

svn up

Merge the trunk to your branches.

svn merge

If needed correct the conflicts and commit your modifications.

svn commit -m "merge trunk to my_amazing_branche" 

Keep your branche synchronized with the trunk usually prevent for conflict during the merge.

Merge your modification to the trunk

First update your code, sync your branche with the trunk and commit.

svn up
svn merge
svn commit -m "final merge of trunk to my_amazing_branche" 

One times your working copy of the code is clean, you must successfully run the test of the code at least up to the level 2 before to merge to the trunk.

Then to merge your branche to the trunk, first be sure to be in the trunk directory.

cd /path/to/the/svn/trunk/

Ensure that your trunk copy is update

svn update        

Reintegrate your branche.

svn merge --reintegrate

Commit your modifications.

svn commit -m "merge my_amazing_branche to the trunk." 

Congratulation, your branche is know reintegrated.