TIPS Workshop Marseille

When: 19 and 20 November 2015

Paticipants: Nicolas Fourmanoit, Julien Zoubian (teleconf), Martin Kuemmel

On the TIPS branches

  • all branches except for the axesim branch have been merged back into the trunk; for the axesim branch, the trunk was moved into it, missing is now to merge the axesim branch back into the trunk.
  • before doing the merge back of the axesim branch one need to think about simple tests to assure that the trunk and the axesim branch give the same result;

The future structure of the repository

  • the idea is in the future to have a branch for every developer next to the trunk
  • the repository will be moved from LAM to the euclid repository; the repository at the LAM is not save there since none of the developers is affiliated there;
  • the euclid svn is not open, hence the danger is to loose a free version of TIPS and the opportunity to explore TIPS in other projects; hence the idea is to put it to a free repository before moving to the euclid repository;
  • in Euclid volunteeres are asked for testers of a git repository; TIPS could be used for thos tests;


  • the implementation of using a PSF in TIPS is done since long time;
  • in contrast to what was discussed during the meeting, there is no REAL interface for PSF's in the C-part, the implementation is rather streamlined to the first example of a PSF; that needs some re-work once we have better PSF's
  • in the current format, the PSF's need to be centered and normalized to be used in TIPS. MK has software to do both.
  • no news from the instrument team, looks like they can not provide us any PSF from Zeemax or similar;
  • Alexandre Boucaud has some PSF's that he used to generate Y/J/H PSF's. We are getting them to see whether they are 'new' or already known;


  • it is possible to have 2D dependent values in the aXe configuration file ; this can be used to express the distortion in terms of trace description and wavelength solution across the field of view;
  • there is some data concerning the distortion created by Gregor; we had long discussions and we think we could use it to generate configuration files with distortions from that; the problem is to understand what we have exactly in that data;

The asciidata module

  • we discussed the usage of the asciidata module in TIPS;
  • it is used to deal with SExtractor catalogs on the python level;
  • there had been some problems adjusting it to the packages allowed in LODEEN;
  • there is no issue replacing it by software that can deal with SExtractor catalogs;

Action items