Teleconf (21 January 2016)

21st 2016, 11-12am

Paticipants: Nicolas Fourmanoit, Julien Zoubian, Martin Kuemmel

OU-SIM meeting last week

requirements fro TIPS for SC2:

  • 0th and second orders of distortions;
  • new branch tips_psf will be meerged back to the trunk;
  • dead pixels shall be included;
  • the dead pixels will be provided;
  • distortions:
    • no progress since December;
    • need to get started now;
    • I should use tips_MK
    • Nicolas will provide all necessary inputs to run some Euclid data on this branch;
  • the challenge will start March 13th, which is the hard deadline;
  • PSF:
    • no wavelength dependent PSF's as input;
    • issue was raised during the Marseille meeting;
    • there exists a VIS psf which was shared a long time ago;
    • the VIS PSF is sufficien for SC2;

Action items

  • bi-weekly telecons (next in about 10 days)
  • Martin to put together a wavelength dependent PSF from the VIS;
  • Martin to put together distorted configuration files;
  • Nicolas to finish the merge of the various TIPS branches;
  • Nicolas to send Martin inputs to make a test simulation for Euclid;