Teleconf 30 July 2015

Input for a variable PSF

  • indications are that no PSF's will be available in 2015;

Science Data Challenge 2

  • the first Science Data Challenge is not yet settled;
  • there are discussions with Julien, Paolo, Anne
  • three actions:
    • zeroth and second order beams;
    • distortions;
    • variable PSF's (2D and wavlength);
  • often input is lacking (for PSF's and distortions);
  • focus for September will be on the distortions;

TIPS in LODEEN (conversion to Cmake)

  • was not accomplished as of now;
  • TIPS currently builds on SL7, but not on SL6;
  • the new LODEEN1.1 is not based on SL7, but on CentOS;
  • Nicolas' plan is to make TIPS installable on SL7, CentOS is not a goal since no one uses it;
  • the simulation challenges are run on the Spanish SDC, which use SL6 and EDEN light;
  • TIPS has three levels, aXeSIM (C and Python), TIPS (Python) and Euclid (Python);
  • the branch "tips_build" works with Cmake; but it may not build on all environments (SL6, SL7, CentOS);
  • there does not seem to be many Elements compliant SW currently;

Migration to wcslib

  • can not be completed since there is no Cmake version available;

Action Items

  • MK: try to build the tips_build branch in LODEEN (1.0 or 1.1);
  • integration of the three active branches into the trunk;
  • NF; integrate the Cmake branch into the trunk;
  • NF to work on the geometrical distortion;
  • MK: write an email to Anne and Jerome on the PSF's;
  • plan for more regular telecons starting in September;