Teleconf on the distortions

26 November 2015, 2-2:50pm

Paticipants: Nicolas Fourmanoit, Julien Zoubian, Patrick Hudelot, Gregor Seidel, Martin Kuemmel

  • we think we know who performed the Zeemax simulations resulting to the three files Euclid_VIS_NISP_PHASE_B2_PDR.ZMX_Distorsion_NIP_0.92um.txt, Euclid_VIS_NISP_PHASE_B2_PDR.ZMX_Distorsion_NIS_1.2um.txt and Euclid_VIS_NISP_PHASE_B2_PDR.ZMX_Distorsion_NIS_1.8um.txt; it was Samuel Ronayette;
  • the simulations were done for Jerome Amiaux;
  • Gregor uses these distortions for the photometric distortions
  • Gregor takes 0.92 for Y, 1.2 for J and 1.8 for H the filters
  • the different configurations used for the different files indicates that different models were used, hence one should not use the 0.92 together with the 1.2 file;
  • it could be that Patrick has the Zeemax file indicated in the header; he will check whether this is the case and then send an emai;
  • no one knows what the different xref and yref means;
  • the distortion could have a big impact on the PSF;

Action items

  • Nicolas will ask Jerome the question on the 0.92um file and the reference positions ina Science Challenge 2 teleconf at 4pm;
  • Frank Gruppe should look at the files and see their interpretation; either by phone or by email;
  • Patrick will look whether the has the Zeemax file and see what the configurations mean;