Virtual Meeting 2020

Slides iphu_class_jun2020.pptx

First, we presented the project and its motivations: trigger discussions between our 3 labs and fund travels.

We discuss the funding issues related to COVID (report funding to next year, project duration extension, etc). An email has been sent to Eric Kajfasz.

A home page has been created for IPhU/Cosmology. The goal is to create a living wiki page, where people can post news, advertise events (journal club, remote seminars, etc). It is meant to guide newcomers (students, postdocs, etc), and help them find researchers. The possibility to have a CV-thèque is under study. The link to the wiki page has not yet been released by AMU.

We welcomed Benjamin Racine, starting a permanent position at CPPM, working on LSST preparation, from raw data analysis to Supernovae light-curves. There are also 2 M2 students working with Christian Marinoni and Julien Bel (CPT) on exploring the impact of curvature on other parameters (e.g. growth rate), and with Matt Pieri (LAM) on cosmic web and galaxy emissions traced by damped Lya systems.

A face-to-face CLASS kick-off meeting is expected to happen in the fall, after the general IPhU KOM. This will give us the opportunity to advertise on-going works in the project, and prepare the (expected?) proposal for next year.

Meanwhile, journal club (CPT), cafe club (LAM), and show plot (CPPM) meetings will continue to happen. A new MCMC event will happen in September, organised by Matt Pieri, and a contact person in Luminy (TBD). People are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings.