Introduction to iMinuit

11/23/2017 10:45 AM

Presented the 22/11/2017

Introduction to iMinuit

Matplotlib example: scatter plot with coloured errorbar / make movie

11/08/2017 05:04 PM

An example of a scatter plot with with coloured error bar using Matplotlib

How to make a movie from multiple images in one command line using ffmpeg or Libav

Click here to visualise the notebook Here

Introduction to Conda and Jupyter notebook

10/26/2017 08:16 AM

Presented the 26/10/2017

Introduction to Conda/Anaconda and Jupyter notebook

Matplotlib Graphical User Interface

11/10/2016 01:47 PM

Example of how to use the Python library Matplotlib to create a Graphical User Interface

Speaker: Bruno Ribeiro

You can visualize the notebook Here and There


09/26/2016 05:29 PM

You can get the tutorials below

SWIG: Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator

09/15/2016 10:08 AM

You can get the tutorials either online or on the gitlab:

- Online tutorial: Here

- On gitlab:
git clone
git clone :jclamber/swig-tutos.git

Crossmatching galaxies catalogues

06/15/2016 03:12 PM

Crossmatching a catalogue of galaxies with bright stars base on their magnitude"
or "Playing with indices

Click here to visualise the notebook Here

Python optimisation with Cython

09/12/2016 06:52 PM

Examples of how to optimise python code with cython

Click here to visualise the notebook Here
To run it you have to download it though.

Scientific python overview

04/21/2016 02:02 PM

Advanced use of APLpy for FITS file

03/29/2016 04:08 PM

Some examples how to use APLpy for creating nice FITS file

Click here to visualise the notebook Here
To run it you have to download it though.

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