GLnemo2: Improved camera module

Added by Jean-charles LAMBERT 7 months ago

What’s cooking with next glnemo2 release ?

An improved camera module which allow to create smooth movies by moving camera along a path based on a spline controlled by points.

Check out this Dark matter cosmological movie and stay tuned !

astrodev: HH: SWIG - J.C Lambert (LAM) - 15/09/16 / Tramontane 14-15h

Added by David CORRE over 1 year ago

Have you ever wanted to call your lovely C or C++ (even Fortran) library from your Python programs ? If yes, then you should use SWIG !

Swig is a software development tool that connect programs written in C and C++ (could be used with Fortran) with a variety of target language (Perl, python, ruby, tk , etc..)
During this talk we will focus on Python, and we will show you how through many examples.

DATE : 15/09/2016
Title : SWIG: Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
who : J.C. Lambert (LAM)
Place : Tramontane
Time : 14h00 - 15h00


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