ETC: ETC-42 Version 0.3.1 available

Added by Anonymous almost 10 years ago

The version 0.3.1 of the ETC-42 is now available and it can be downloaded from here . This version improves the performance of importing by a factor of 10. You can see the full change log on the Downloads page.

ETC: ETC-42 Version 0.3 Available

Added by Christian Surace almost 10 years ago

The last version of the ETC-42 software is available . Come and Use it

or direct download
ETC-42 version 0.3.0

New features include :
Added support for multi-datasets.
Added support for plugins.
Changed the sky emission to be a multi-dataset with options the phase of the moon.
Added a plugin to add sky emissions as multi-datasets.
Changed the import from remote server to give a list of URLs and added a frame for configuring them.
Removed the "day from new moon" and modified ETC to use the options of the sky emission multi-dataset for the list presented to the user.
Added the ability to send the outputs via SAMP.

plus correction of bugs.

GLnemo2: glnemo2 1.20 released

Added by Jean-charles Lambert over 10 years ago

glnemo2 1.20 is available for download.

See Changelog

Watch a special trailer for this release !

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