ETC: ETC-42 Version 0.5.0 available

Added by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

The version 0.5.0 of the ETC-42 is now available and it can be downloaded from here .

Changes highlights:
- Arbitrary bi-variate function PSF support
- Central pixel SNR
- Source with flat energy flux
- Basic Adaptive Optics support
- VOTable drag and drop support

You can see the full change log on the Downloads page.

UNSIO: UNSIO is here !

Added by Jean-charles Lambert almost 9 years ago

A first alpha release of UNSIO is available for download with the following features:

  • Ramses file format reading has been added.
  • A neat installer based on cmake
  • A light NEMO version is integrated
  • a Wiki with a alot of information

Please do not forget to report bugs and features request


Added by Jean-charles Lambert almost 9 years ago

Unsio is a dedicated package for input/output file operation on Nbody simulation data file.

The purpose is to provide a universal API to read and/or write your Nbody simulation data in unique way, whatever
the simulation file format.

Stay tuned, more information will follow.....


Also available in: Atom