GLnemo2: glnemo2 1.8.1 released

Added by Jean-charles Lambert over 8 years ago

glnemo2 1.8.1 is a bug fix release, it improves drag'n drop files support, fixes regression #1594 and provides glnemo2 binaries package for most linux distributions.

see Changelog for details.

glnemo2 1.8.1 is available for:

  • MacOs X
  • Linux Mageia 4 and above
  • Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and above
  • Linux Fedora 20 and above
  • Linux Centos 6 and above
  • Windows 32 bits
  • Windows 64 bits
  • Source code

Please visit Download page to get appropriate package.

To get useful information,please visit the Wiki


Added by Christian Surace almost 9 years ago

Poster P6.1 display the new functionalities of the ETC-42.

poster is downloadable at

publication is available :

    ETC-42 Exposure Time Calculator: Evolution and New Functionalities (Gross, A.; Meunier, J. C.; Surace, C.; Apostolakos, N.
    Astronomical Data Analysis Software an Systems XXIV (ADASS XXIV), Proceedings of a conference held 5-9 October 2014 at Calgary, Alberta Canada. Edited by A. R. Taylor and E. Rosolowsky. San Francisco:
    ASPC, 2015., p.391 : reference 2015ASPC..495..391G

ETC: ETC in the IVOA newsletter

Added by Christian Surace almost 9 years ago

Thanks to the VO functionalities implemented, ETC-42 has been published in the IVOA newsletter of May 2014.

Functionalities include :
  • SAMP connexion
  • VOTABLE export
  • Spectrum import from VOSPEC
  • VO Drag and drop functionalities.

GLnemo2: glnemo2 1.7.1 released

Added by Jean-charles Lambert about 9 years ago

glnemo2 1.7.1 is an important bug fix release, it fixes a regression against version 1.7.0

see Changelog for details.

glnemo2 1.7.1 is available for download, see Download section.

Note that there are binaries for windows 32 bits and 64 bits, but because of a lack of XDR support under windows, there is no TIPSY support for windows target.

UNSIO: Uns projects

Added by Jean-charles Lambert about 9 years ago

PLease find a new tarball of uns_projects which is a collection of unsio based programs.

Among them :

  • uns_density : compute local density
  • uns2uns : convert uns file format to uns file format
  • uns_2dplot : a fast 2d plotting program
  • uns_info : give useful information about uns file

Also available in: Atom