astrodev: HH: CMake - J.C Lambert (LAM) - 28/09/16 / Mistral 14-15h

Added by David CORRE almost 5 years ago

If you have never understood anything about Makefile, cmake is for you :)

CMake is a package for building easily your compiled programs/projects written in C/C++ or Fortran

DATE : 28/09/2016
Title : CMake
who : J.C. Lambert (LAM)
Place : Mistral
Time : 14h00 - 15h00

astrodev: HH: SWIG - J.C Lambert (LAM) - 15/09/16 / Tramontane 14-15h

Added by David CORRE about 5 years ago

Have you ever wanted to call your lovely C or C++ (even Fortran) library from your Python programs ? If yes, then you should use SWIG !

Swig is a software development tool that connect programs written in C and C++ (could be used with Fortran) with a variety of target language (Perl, python, ruby, tk , etc..)
During this talk we will focus on Python, and we will show you how through many examples.

DATE : 15/09/2016
Title : SWIG: Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator
who : J.C. Lambert (LAM)
Place : Tramontane
Time : 14h00 - 15h00

GLnemo2: glnemo2 1.10.0 released

Added by Jean-charles Lambert over 5 years ago

Glnemo2 1.10.0 is a major release.
For users who manipulate 3D datacube Fits file, it's now possible to stretch particles along Z axis (see tutorial below)
Glnemo2 reads now gadget2 binary in double format and gadget3 HDF5 (hdf5 multiple files is also supported).

see Changelog for details.

Here is a tutorial movie:

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There are glnemo2 binaries packages for most linux distributions, Macos X, and windows 32 et 64 bits.

glnemo2 1.10.0 is available for:

  • MacOs X
  • Linux Mageia 4, 5
  • Linux Ubuntu/Mint 14.04/14.10/15.04/15.10
  • Linux Fedora 20, 21, 22, 23
  • Linux Centos 6, 7
  • Linux Opensuse 13.2, 42.1
  • Windows 32, 64 bits
  • Source code

Please visit Download page to get appropriate package.

To get useful information,please visit the Wiki


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