glnemo2 1.11.0 released

Added by Jean-charles Lambert about 6 years ago

Glnemo2 1.11.0 is a major release.

A lot of improvement have been added for RAMSES snapshot and camera animation module
  • Latest glnemo2 reads new RAMSES snapshot with particles families introduced some months ago. And it remains compatible with old RAMSES file format.
  • It's now possible to select a sub box of particles by giving xyz/min/max ranges. It allows to load a specific region of the dataset and reduce in the same time the memory footprint. This feature is available from GUI and CLI
  • Camera module has been totally re-designed. This module allows to create a path where the camera will fly through along in order to generate a nice and smooth animation.

see complete Changelog for details.

Here is a tutorial movie:

Have a look at this nice animation generated with camera module :

glnemo2 1.11.0 is available for:

  • MacOs X
  • Linux Mageia 5,6
  • Linux Ubuntu/Mint 14.04/14.10/16.04/17.10
  • Linux Fedora 26,27
  • Linux Centos 7
  • Linux Opensuse 42.1
  • Windows 32, 64 bits
  • Source code

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