Glnemo2 1.20.0 is out !

Added by Jean-charles Lambert about 4 years ago

glnemo2 release 1.20.0 is out and it's a major release.

We have been working hard to make glnemo2 even better and working in the latest operating systems.

Gregoire Duvauchelle has implemented a new feature called characteristics points which allow to display different kind of shapes (square, circle, sphere, etc..) everywhere in the 3D scene. It might be very useful to reveal information about your data.

I highly invite you to watch the tutorial video showing howto play with characteristics points here :

Glnemo2 is shipped with binaries packages for the most important and latest linux distributions. (Ubuntu 20.04/19.10/18.04/16.04 - Fedora 32/31/30 - Centos 8/7 - Opensuse 15.1/Tumbleweed - Mageia 7/6)

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