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This study has been using the ETC-42 developed at CeSAM, LAM, Marseille, France

Publication list :

    ETC-42 Exposure Time Calculator: Evolution and New Functionalities (Gross, A.; Meunier, J. C.; Surace, C.; Apostolakos, N.)
    Astronomical Data Analysis Software an Systems XXIV (ADASS XXIV), Proceedings of a conference held 5-9 October 2014 at Calgary, Alberta Canada. Edited by A. R. Taylor and E. Rosolowsky. San Francisco: ASPC, 2015., p.391 : reference 2015ASPC..495..391G

tip. The previous release has been optimized to achieve gain of computation time. New functionalities for automatic input parameterization have been added to target specific instrumental configuration and to give an increased level of user-friendliness. This article describes the new functionalities : fixtures, sdaptive optics, Fabry Perot implementation and two new builder tools to create Telescope transmission curves and sky brightness tables. And, in order to facilitate the integration to the Virtual Observatory environment, VO drag and drop functionality is now available.

    ETC-42 : A Generic, VO Compliant, Exposure Time Calculator (Apostolakos, N.; Surace, C.; Chabaud, P.-Y.; LeLeu, G.; LAM scientists)
    Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXI. Proceedings of a Conference held at Marriott Rive Gauche Conference Center, Paris, France, 6-10 November, 2011. ASP Conference Series, Vol. 461. Edited by P. Ballester, D. Egret, and N.P.F. Lorente. San Francisco: ASPC, 2012., p.885 2012ASPC..461..885A

tip. This new ETC performs an instrument-independent computation, derived from the comparison of several (instrument focused) existing ETCs, enabling it to cover a wide range of existing or future instrumentation. Its flexible design and support for plugins allows for easy addition of new computation methods, ensuring its usefulness even for future technologies or for instrumentation with specific calculation requirements. This paper describes the current calculation functionality, the interfaces used for communication with the user and it concludes with the design and frameworks used for achieving the systems flexibility and extensibility

    ETC-42: A VO Compliant Exposure Time Calculator (Surace, C.; Chabaud, P.-Y.; Leleu, G.; Apostolakos, N.; Lam Scientists)
    Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XX. ASP Conference Proceedings, Vol. 442, proceedings of a Conference held at Seaport World Trade Center, Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 7-11 November 2010. Edited by Ian N. Evans, Alberto Accomazzi, Douglas J. Mink, and Arnold H. Rots. San Francisco: ASPC, 2011., p.559 : 2011ASPC..442..559S

tip. We developed at CeSAM (Centre de donnéeS Astrophysiques de Marseille) from LAM a new Virtual Observatory compliant Exposure Time Calculator. This new ETC has been designed to facilitate the integration of new sites, instruments and sources by the user. It is not instrument-specific, but is based on generic XML input data. It is used in several project implementations (EUCLID, EELTs, OPTIMOS) covering a wide wavelength range (from NIR to UV). This paper focuses on the spectroscopic aspects of the tool and defines the structure of the application. It emphasizes the interoperability of the ETC and shows the added value for end users. Equations will be described in another paper in preparation