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Welcome to the pages of the GECO group {#welcome_to_the_pages_of_the_geco_group}

The Galaxies, Etoiles et Cosmologie (GECO; Galaxies, Stars, and
) group covers a wide range of topics going from stars to
cosmology. In particular it covers the study of:

  • the interstellar and intergalactic media,
  • the different phases of the formation of stars,
  • the physical processes involved in the formation and the evolution of galaxies and their environment,
  • the dynamics of galaxies,
  • the large-scale structure of the Universe,
  • the dark matter properties,
  • the cosmological model.


News {#news}

  • On-going calls for telescope time, grants, travel money, positions, conf/workshop registrations (pertinent to the team).

Scientific life of the group {#scientific_life_of_the_group}


Discussion Circles - Scientific
discussions around various topics.

Discussion Projects - Scientific
discussions around major short/long term LAM projects .

Weekly Events

  • Café Club every Wednesday at 14h00 in the Library (Ground Floor) - An informal seminar with presentations of ~20-25 minutes. Event organizer: Carlo Schimd
  • Discussion Circles meetings(subject to changes):
    • Friday 15:00, Galaxy Evolution & Feedback
    • Friday, 14:00, Cosmology
    • On demand, Transient and multi wavelength messengers

Hosted Exceptional Events

  • CosmoBack Workshop - From inhomogeneous gravity to cosmological back-reaction: Theoretical opportunity? Observational evidence?

Annual Events

Projects of the group {#projects_of_the_group}

Teaching & Outreach {#teaching_outreach}

  • Master P3TMA at Luminy/Aix-Marseille Université

Useful information & links {#useful_information_links}

GECO group meetings {#geco_group_meetings}

GECO wiki members & help {#geco_wiki_members_help}