Lenstool Manual

Description of the Parameter file

You can find a description of the parameter file description here.

The parameter file must end with the .par extension.

Description of the input and output files

Lenstool may need several data files as input, and may produce several files as output. You can find a description of their format here.

Post-processing tools

Beside the lenstool executables, a list of post-processing tools located in the ./utils and ./perl directories can be used to post-process the output of an optimization. In short, they allow the user to propagate the errors on the model's parameters into other observables.

They are described here.

Description of the $\chi^2$ calculations

The $\chi^2$ is computed for the different datasets (SL, WL, etc) in the o_chi.c file. The details about these calculations are given here.

List of supported analytical potentials

Lenstool can model many different lensing analytic potentials. You can find the complete list here.

Other MCMC sampler

Lenstool now also supports the Python EMCEE sampler. The detailed procedure to use it is described here


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