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09:10 Lenstool lenstool-7.1.1.tar.gz
Eric Jullo


23:28 Lenstool lenstool71.tar.gz
Eric Jullo


14:21 Lenstool Feature #4286: Undocumented "multifile 2" mode
flag=3 is coded, but not used for SL (it is used for WL).
So, shall we create a new variable in the image section,...
Eric Jullo
14:06 Lenstool Feature #4286: Undocumented "multifile 2" mode
The format definition in f_shape is
* flag=1 : ID RA DEC A B THETA Z MAG (default)
* flag=2 : ID RA DEC A B THE...
Eric Jullo
13:52 Lenstool Feature #4286 (In Progress): Undocumented "multifile 2" mode
Thank you for mentioning the issue.
It looks to me that we prefer the integer to specify the format of the input ...
Eric Jullo


11:32 Lenstool Bug #3212 (Resolved): Missing and in tarball source code 6.8
This bug was producing a segmentation fault during compilation. The 2 files and have been added... Eric Jullo


22:02 Lenstool Bug #2873 (Resolved): Default value for image / forme
Default forme value has been changed to -1, in agreement with the Lenstool wiki Eric Jullo


13:18 Lenstool Action #2810 (In Progress): Typo in e_grad2.c for potential 14
Bonjour Thomas,
On a un soucis pour faire un commit sur le svn.
svn ci -m "Correction of matrix for external sh...
Eric Jullo
13:00 Lenstool Action #2810: Typo in e_grad2.c for potential 14
Je ne vois pas le changement quand je fais svn update?
Eric Jullo
12:13 Lenstool Action #2810 (Closed): Typo in e_grad2.c for potential 14
Dans e_grad2.c, je crois qu'il y a une typo pour le le potentiel 14.
Eric Jullo

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